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The road network around this station is on two levels. The upper level includes York Road, Station Approach and Station Approach Road, whilst the lower level includes Mepham Street, Waterloo Road and Sandell Street.

The station is bounded to the northwest by York Road, running northeast/southwest; to the northeast by Station Approach, running northwest/southeast; to the southeast by Station Approach Road, running northeast/southwest and on the southwest by Leake Street, running northwest/southeast, under the tracks.

At a lower level, Mepham Street, running northwest/southeast, lies northeast of Station Approach. Mepham Street continues into Waterloo Road, which continues southeast past exit 2 of the station before veering east, away from the station complex. A service road, West Street, runs northeast from Leake Street to a dead end under York House which is adjacent to the station. Sandell Street, which passes an entrance to Waterloo East Station, leaves northeast from the junction of Mepham Street and Waterloo Road, about opposite exit 2 of this station.

Entrances and Exits

There are nine entrances/exits to this station;

Exit 1

This is level access from Station Approach Road, you enter facing northwest, beside the entrance to platforms 1 - 2.

Exit 2, Waterloo Road and Station Approach

This exit is on two levels. The level access route into the concourse leaves Station Approach from the taxi rank, whilst the lower level is off the southwest side of Waterloo Road.

The Level Access Exit

You enter the station facing southwest and continue forward into the concourse.

Southeast Side, Going Southwest
  post box, probably closed
Northwest Side
  Southeast rail map

This exit is on the northeast side of a recess from the mainline concourse with:

northwest Side
Northeast Side, Going Southeast
  2 down escalators to lower level
level walkway to taxi rank
up escalator from lower level
down escalator to lower level
Southeast Side, Going Southwest
  door to lift
call button (down)

The Waterloo Road Exit

This is shared with the Jubilee Line entrance to the Underground station.

You enter facing southwest, up a slight slope, into the low level concourse. There are two entrances into this space, the second (northwest) entrance is nearer the Jubilee Line concourse of the Underground station.

Northeast Side, Going Southeast from the First Entrance
  West Cornwall Pasty Co.
flower stall
window onto Waterloo Road
Southeast Side, Going Southwest
  Starbucks, at end of passage, closed at the time of our survey
Southwest Side, Going Northwest
  MacDonald's, entrance in passage
wall retreats southwest across second entrance to MacDonald's
passage to lift
down escalator from mainline concourse
up escalator to mainline concourse
large billboard
fruit stall
2 Barclays cash machines
2 down escalators from mainline concourse
blank wall
Tube map
steps up southwest towards Waterloo & City Line
wall retreats into Jubilee Line concourse
Northwest Side
  entrance/exit to Jubilee Line concourse
The passage to the Lift
Southeast Side, Going Southwest
  mobile phone top-up machine
2 billboards
Tube map
control to lift (up)
door to lift
Northwest Side
  barrier beside escalators

Exit 3, Level Access from Station Approach

You enter the mainline concourse via a short passage, facing southwest, opposite platform 13.

Southeast Side

  Costa Coffee, entrance in the passage and mainline concourse

Northwest Side

  Network Rail offices, entrance on Station Approach

Exit 4

Tenison Way is a short road which curves under the arches opposite the station at the lower level.

You go down 14 then 14 steps, going south, from the pavement on Tenison Way, into the subway. The subway veers right (southwest) before the escalators into the mainline concourse, the right-hand escalator is normally the one you need, you enter between exits 3 and 5.

The Subway, Going South from the Foot of the Steps

Left-Hand (East) Side Going South
  tactile at foot of steps
slope up
bus map
wall retreats
blank door
2 billboards
blank door
West Side
North End
  steps from Tenison Way
Southwest Side, Going Northwest
  down escalator from mainline concourse
up escalator to mainline concourse

Exit 5, Stairs Access from Station Approach

This is the original main entrance to the station with decorative features outside and the clock inside.

You go up 13 then ten steps, going southwest, from Station Approach, into the mainline concourse, opposite the former Eurostar section of the station.

Exit 6, York Road

You leave the station facing west onto the foot bridge which crosses West Street before entering York House. The foot bridge veers right (northwest) across York Road, towards the Shell Centre, however the entrance to the Shell Centre was blocked at the time of our survey.

There are two stairs routes from York Road onto this bridge, the one from the southeast side (nearest the station) is closed between 20:00 and 07:00.

From the Southeast Side of York Road

You enter facing southeast, go up 10 steps, going southeast. Turn left (180 degrees northwest), go up 10 steps, going northwest. Turn left (180 degrees, southeast), go up 10 steps, going southeast. Turn left (180 degrees, northwest), go up nine steps, going northwest then turn left (southwest) onto the foot bridge.

Turn left towards exit 6 of the mainline station, turn right (northwest) towards the Shell Centre.

From the Northwest Side of York Road

The foot of these steps is between the London Eye and the Shell Centre entrance to the Underground station.

You go up 16, 12 then 14 steps, going northeast, onto the foot bridge. Turn right and follow this foot bridge into exit 6 of the station.

Exit 7, the Waterloo & City Line

This is located in the mainline concourse, opposite platforms 7 - 8. You go down 13 then 13 steps, going northwest into the lower passage. See the detailed description of the Waterloo & City Line for details.

To the Underground Station

This un-numbered exit leaves opposite platform 18. You go down the left-hand escalator into the Underground concourse. Alternatively, you can use the steps to the left (southwest) of the escalators, you go down 4 x 13 steps, going northwest, into the Underground concourse. See our guide to Waterloo Underground Station for details.

To Waterloo East Station

You can leave the mainline concourse via stairs, escalator or lift to the passage. See our guide to Waterloo East Station for more details.

Local Road Crossings

The Junction of York Road (Northeast/Southwest), Station Approach (Southeast) and Mepham Street (Southeast)

There's tactile paving throughout and a sounder indicates when it's safe to cross.

Northeast Arm, York Road

This is a single-stage crossing with push button and rotating cone to your left as you cross in either direction.

Southwest Arm, York Road

There's no pedestrian crossing at this point. the nearest crossing is opposite the Shell Centre entrance, southwest of this junction.

Station Approach

There's no pedestrian control at this crossing. Traffic, mainly taxis, comes from the southeast, into York Road.

Mepham Street

There's no pedestrian control at this crossing, though we noted only light traffic at the time of our survey.

Station Approach

There's a zebra crossing just beyond (northwest of) exit 5, just before the end of the pavement. You should cross here and continue on the other side of Station Approach towards York Road.

Mepham Street

There's a zebra crossing, continuing from the northeast side of the dividing pavement between here and Station Approach, opposite the crossing from exit 5.

Waterloo Road

The crossing is slightly left (northwest) of exit 2, as you leave the station. This is a single-stage crossing with sounder and tactile paving. There's a post with push button and rotating cone to each side of you as you cross in either direction.

Local Buses

ON the Southwest Side of Station Approach

There are two bus stops between exits 3 and 5 of the station:

On the Southeast Side of Yourk Road

On the Southwest Side of Waterloo Road

On the Northeast Side of Waterloo Road

On the South Side of Tenison Way

Local Features

Northwest Side of Station Approach Road

  tactile paving indicates exit 1
left turn into Station Approach

Southwest Side of Station Approach, Going Northwest

  left turn from Station Approach Road
exit 2
tactile paving indicating end of taxi pick-up queue. Queue from southeast
taxi drop-off, on island in Station Approach, cross and continue into exit 2
2 exits from M&S Simply Food
blank door
2 billboards
Station Reception
bus stop, alighting point
Costa Coffee
exit 3, step-free access to station
Network Rail offices
bike park to right
blank doors
blank wall
bus ticket machine
down slope
Bus Stop B, buses towards Parliament Square and Victoria, 211
2 bus ticket machines
bus map
noisy vent, Dry Riser Inlet
bus shelter
bus map
Bus Stop A, buses towards Millbank, 507
bus ticket machine
blank wall
slope steepens
wall curves left (west)
Exit 5, up steps, the Clock Entrance
underpass to South Bank to right
bus map
pavement veers right
bike park on left
tactile paving indicates zebra crossing of Station Approach

The pavement stops here, you should cross Station Approach via the zebra crossing.

Northeast Side of Station Approach, Going Northwest from the Zebra Crossing

  tactile paving indicates crossing of access way
blocked access way from Mepham Street
tactile paving
pavement continues to York Road

Southeast Side of York Road, Going Southwest from Station Approach

There's a row of pillars outside the building, note that this is not the outside of the station.

  Smaland Coffee
Cost Cutter
stairs to foot bridge.

This staircase is closed from 20:00 to 07:00. Outside these times, cross York Road and reach the station via the foot bridge, from the Shell Centre.

Continuing, Under the Foot Bridge

  hair dresser
Chicken Cottage
Waterloo News Agents
Et Su Cafe
Bus Stop W, Waterloo Station York Road, bus shelter and ticket machine on the kerb side of the pavement
Avis Car Rental
Cafe Quattro
Elizabeth House
Colour Print Shop
sight seeing bus tour

We're opposite the London Eye. The remainder of this road lies beyond the scope of this survey.

Northeast Side of Waterloo Road, Going Northwest

  Bus Stop D
phone boxes on the kerb side
crossing to exit 2
Sandell Street
Bus Stop E

This side of the road continues beside the railway arches into Mepham Street, there's an alighting point from buses terminating at Waterloo Station on this side.

Southwest Side of Waterloo Road, Going Northwest

  Bus Stop C
exit 2
crossing of Waterloo Road
Bus Stop F
under the foot bridge to Waterloo East Station
access way
slight left turn into Mepham Street

Mepham Street slopes up to the level of Station Approach. There's a zebra crossing over Mepham Street, opposite the zebra crossing across Station Approach, towards exit 5.

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