Find a platform from an entrance

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Within the mainline concourse, platforms are numbered 1 - 19 from left to right as you face the platforms. platforms 1 - 18 share island platforms whilst platform 19 runs along the current right-hand side of the station, beside the former Eurostar section.

Note that:

The Waterloo & City Line can be reached via exit 2 from the low level concourse, exit 7 in the mainline concourse, or from the mainline concourse via the Underground concourse.

From Which Entrance?

  From Exit 1
From Exit 2
From Exit 3
From Exit 4
From Exit 5
From Exit 6
From Exit 7, Waterloo & City Line
From the Underground Station
From Waterloo East Station

From Exit 1

This provides level access from Station Approach Road into the mainline concourse. As you enter the concourse, you're facing across the entrances of the platforms, the entrance to platforms 1 - 2 is the first turning left.


From Exit 2

From Platform Level

This provides level access from the taxi rank on Station Approach into the mainline concourse. You're opposite platform 4.


At Low Level

From the low level from Waterloo Road or the Jubilee Line, there is escalator or lift access to the mainline concourse and stairs access to the Waterloo &: City Line.

To The Mainline Concourse

As you move away from Waterloo Road, you pass the retail outlets to your left before you reach the far side of the lower concourse. In front of you, from left to right, you have: