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The rectangular station building is in a forecourt in the south corner of the junction between the Lower High Street, towards Bushey, going southeast and the Ring Road going northeast - southwest at this point. This portion of the Ring Road comprises Exchange Road, running southwest and Beechen Grove, which joins from the northwest. There are three traffic islands which divide the Lower High Street into four lanes at this junction.

Car Parking

The Station car park lies northeast of the building with the entrance from the Lower High Street coming in slightly southeast of the station.

As you leave the station facing northwest you can turn left (southwest) towards the football ground and a path under the Ring Road towards the town centre; or you can continue northwest with the car park to your right, up the slope towards the crossing.

See our guide to Watford Town Centre for details of this crossing towards the High Street.

The Building

The station building is rectangular, running approximately southeast - northwest. A pavement, with a row of seven bollards, runs between the building and the car park. The northeast wall of the station is set back about four metres southwest of the adjacent building.

The Outside

Northeast Side, from Southeast

  blank door
blank wall

Northwest Side

  wall with railings
entrance, down one step onto the forecourt
blank wall
slope down onto forecourt

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