Change FROM Platforms 9 - 10 VIA The LIFT

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To Reach the Lift from the Platform

As you choose to leave these platforms via the lift, we assume you'll only need lift access to the others, where available.

The lift is located a few metres beyond the waiting room, towards the front of the train on platform 9 (rear on platform 10) the door faces towards the waiting room building, with the call button to your left as you face the door.

Locate the lift and descend to the subway, leave via the same door.

To Which Platform?

  To Platforms 1 - 6 via the Lift
To Platforms 7 - 8 via the Lift
To Platform 11, via Stairs

To Platforms 1 - 6 via the Lidt

Turn left and take the second turning left, then follow the passage to your left. At the end, the lift door is to your right, with the button to your left as you face the door.

At platform level, continue, through the other door, platform 6 is to your left, you're about in the middle of the train.

For platforms 1 - 4, turn right, go to the wall in front of you then turn left. Continue past the end of the building on your right.

The ends of the track beds serving platforms 1 - 4 are guarded by metal rails. There's a rail beyond the track serving platform 1 (furthest right), another across the tracks serving platforms 2 - 3 and a third across the track serving platform 4. This last extends across the empty track bed adjacent to platform 6.

Bear right, beyond the end of the building (1 o'clock) to locate the rail from platform 4. If you find a step up leading onto gravel, you're too far to the left.

Locate the gap you want, onto platforms 3 - 4, then 1 - 2. You're behind the rear of the train.

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To Platforms 7 - 8 via the Lift

Turn left and locate the lift door, on your left. The call button is to your left as you face the door.

At platform level, go out through the same door. Platform 7 is to your left, 8 to your right. You're about in the middle of the train. The waiting room building is in front of you, follow the building, in either direction, to locate the automatic doors.

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To Platform 11 via Stairs

Turn right, continue to the end of the passage and turn right. Go up two flights of stairs. Note, at the top, don't turn right as this leads to a disused section of platform next to a vacant track bed!

Turn left and continue, along a path between two wooden fences. When you reach the end of the fence, you may notice a wooden-sounding surface, you're on the platform. The tactile paving marking the platform edge is in front of you and the slope onto the tracks is to your right. Turn left onto the platform, there's a shelter on your left, after a few metres.

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