The Concourse, OUTSIDE The GATES

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Going clockwise from the south corner

Southwest Side

  rail juts out
3 swing doors
blank wall
timetable jutting out
wall juts out, W H Smith, open counter with racks in front
wall retreats again
blank wall with seats
3 swing doors
rail juts out

Northwest Side

  photo booth
wall juts out with door jutting out towards the station entrance
coffee shop
door jutting away from the station entrance
blank wall
2 cash points
Upper Crust, in north corner

Northeast Side

  Upper Crust
gate line
manual gate
wall juts out with billboards
blank wall
5 ticket sales windows, Tensa queuing system in front

Southeast Side

  wall with billboard
advanced ticket sales
closed shop
disabled persons toilet
mat on floor in front of entrance
wall with map of Watford

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