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The station is located northeast of the roundabout from which:

The Forecourt

The station building is located along the northeast side of a rectangular forecourt containing the taxi rank and bus station. There are two entrances, each of which has three swing doors; we shall refer to these as the southeast and northwest entrances. The taxi rank runs northwest/southeast across the station entrance, with the drop-off point near the northwest and the pick-up point outside the southeast doors.

Local Buses

The bus station occupies a bay in the southwest side of the forecourt. As you leave the station, turn left, avoiding the pillar, then move to your right to locate the flower bed in the pavement. Continue (southeast) then follow the flower bed round to your right to locate the crossing. You're on a corner, facing into the bay. You can cross left (11 o'clock) for stops 1 - 3, which are located along the southeast side of the bay, or right (1 o'clock) for stops 4 - 6 which are located on an island pavement along the northwest side. All stops have shelters.

The following buses were identified at the time of our survey.

Stop 1 - near the northeast end of the bay

Stop 2, the middle shelter

Stop 3, near the southwest end

The island pavement, from the northeast end.

At the southwest end of the bay is Stop 7, for coach services.

Car Parking

Northwest of the bus station, bordering the island pavement, is the Short Stay Car Park (maximum stay 20 minutes) whose entrance is northwest of the bus entrance.

The entrance to the main car park, via a tunnel, is from Station Road, northwest of the station entrance.

See our guide to Watford town centre for details of the route to the High Street.

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