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This is a through station on the Euston Mainline which runs approximately northwest/southeast through the station. It is also the terminus of the London Overground line from Euston (southeast), the South Central service between Milton Keynes and South Croydon (northwest/southeast) and the Watford Junction - St Albans Abbey line (northwest).

Station Layout

The rectangular concourse, aligned approximately southwest/northeast, leads into a subway which gives access to all platforms.

There are ten platforms (numbered 1 - 4 and 6 - 11 from southwest - northeast), currently in use within this station. These are arranged as follows:


Platforms 1 - 6 share a waiting room, which is accessed via stairs and lift. Two island platforms (1 - 2 and 3 - 4) extend southeast beyond the waiting room. These are termini for the London Overground service to Euston. Platform 6, for northbound Intercity services, extends beyond the waiting room, northwest as a single platform and southeast as an island platform. A gravelled area lies between platform 6 and an empty track bed which would serve platform 5.

Platform 7 - 8 share an island platform which is accessed via stairs, into a waiting room and lift onto the platform. Platform 7 is for southbound Intercity services to Euston, whilst platform 8 is for the service to Milton Keynes.

Platforms 9 - 10 share an island platform which is accessed via stairs, into a waiting room and lift onto the platform. Platform 9 is for the service towards South Croydon, whilst the shorte platform 10 seems to be unused at present. . Platform 9 extends beyond both ends of platform 10.

Platform 11 is an open platform reached via stairs only. This platform lies a short distance northeast of the remainder of the station. Beyond platform 10 is an empty track bed and unused platform. A short path leads from the stairs to platform 11, which is a single platform, being the terminus of the line to St Albans Abbey.


Note that, whilst there is stairs and lift access to platforms 1 - 10, there is stairs-only access to platform 11.

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