Platform 11

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To Reach the Platform

From the subway, go up 12 then 12 steps, going southeast.

At the top of the stairs, you're on an unused platform area from which the track has been removed, don't turn right.

Turn left (northeast) at the top of the stairs and continue along a path between two wooden fences to platform 11. As you come onto a wooden-sounding surface, you're at the southeast end of platform 11. The platform edge, with tactile paving is in front of you and the slope off the end is to your right.

Turn left (northwest) along the platform.

Features on Platform 11

This is an open platform with a covered waiting room about 5 metres from the entrance to the platform followed by three seats on the open platform. There's a slope off the northwest end.

This is not an obvious terminus, though we expect trains to run northwest only from here.

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