Platform 6

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To Reach the Platform

From the subway, go up 13 then 10 steps, going northeast into the waiting room. The entrance door is on the opposite side of this area, about three metres to the right. You're about in the middle of the platform.

There is no significant tactile paving near the edge of the platform.

Features on the Platform, from the Northwest

  slope off end
open platform, bushes with fence behind
2 seats
metal stanchion for overhead cables towards right hand side, you can go either side of this
fence retreats southwest about a metre to wall
wall with billboards
wall juts out round waiting room, automatic door facing northwest
metal rail runs along wall below knee height
gap in rail leading to automatic doors from waiting room
automatic doors into waiting room
wall retreats southwest

Northwest Side

  door to lift, button on right with Braille marking
passage from automatic door, exit from waiting room to platforms 1 - 4
box on wall

Continuing southeast, along the building

  blank wall
vending machine, jutting out
blank door
Station Manager's office
end of building, there's a slight slope down for a few metres onto platform 6

Open platform with a gravel section to your right, with two seats on paved areas within the gravel. Beyond the gravel is a drop into a vacant track bed. The open platform extends to the slope off the end.

If you maintain the line of the wall past the lift you pass five double pillars on your right, before a second waiting room. This waiting room has a rail around the wall with gaps leading to automatic doors with one step on the northeast and southwest sides of the building.

The Passage to Platforms 1 - 4

Going southeast from the main waiting room

Northeast Side


Northwest End

  automatic door from waiting room

Southwest Side

  double blank door
wall juts out
blank door
blank door

Southeast End

  platform 6, see above

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