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This comprises two rectangular areas, a main and secondary waiting area.

>The main waiting area, going clockwise from the exit doors to platforms 1 - 4

Southeast Side

  exit doors

Southwest Side

vending machine
door to ladies toilet, being refurbished at the time of our survey
panel to left of free phone to various services, not working at the time of our survey
open window into secondary waiting area
entrance to secondary waiting area, no door
open window to secondary waiting area
vending machine
stairs from subway
door to gents toilet, being refurbished at the time of our survey
vending machine

Northwest Side

  automatic doors to platform 6

Northeast Side

  seating area with blank wall beyond
wall juts out
automatic exit doors to platform 6
coin and card phone
pillar to right

The wall retreats into a recess before the stair well, a rail runs around the stair well with a pillar on the west corner. Beyond the top of these stairs.

Continuing along the Northeast Side, beyond the Stairs

  automatic doors from platform 6

Southeast Side

  blank door padlocked
small, empty alcove
automatic doors to platforms 1 - 4

The Secondary Waiting Area

This lies to the southwest of the area describe above, containing seats and no other features of concern.

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