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The subway runs approximately northeast-southwest, with the gate line at the southwest end. The stairs to platform 6 are offset to the northwest side of the subway, just inside the gates.

The subway slopes down beyond the edge of the rubber floor covering beyond the gate line, then curves slightly right


Southwest End

  rubber floor covering in front of the gate line
manual gate
2 automatic entrance gates
2 automatic exit gates
luggage point
blank wall

Northwest Side

  recess with stairs, up northeast to platform 6
blank door

Northwest Side, going away from the gates (northeast)

blank double door
rail just below knee height along wall
stairs up to platforms 7 and 8
stairs up to platforms 9 and 10
rail stops soon after these stairs
blank wall

Northeast End

blank door

Southeast Side, going away from the gate line (northeast)

  excess fare/assistance window just beyond the manual gate
rubber floor covering followed by slope down
passage leaves towards lift to platforms 1 - 6
stairs to platforms 1 - 4, just beyond the foot of the slope
blank wall
lift to platforms 7 and 8, button on left
lift to platforms 9 - 10, button on left
rail stops
blank wall
stairs up to platform 11, at end

The Passage to the Lift for Platforms 1 - 6

Turn southeast, the rail on the left stops, turn left (northeast) down a slope, to the blank wall at the end. The lift door is to your right, the button is to your left as you face the door, (southeast).

The left-hand side of the passage has blank walls, whilst the right has:

Southwest Wall

  blank door
recess with blank door
wall retreats southwest, about a metre to double blank door

Southeast Side

  blank door
door to lift

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