The Concourse

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As you come in through the main entrance, you go through a short passage leading north, there's a map of the area on the wall before you reach the circular concourse.

The two entrances from the forecourt are on the south side, the platforms lead to the east, whilst the walkway towards the ferry leads west. The ticket office, including a single sales window facing east is in the middle of this space.

Going Clockwise from the Main Entrance

door to waiting room, closed at the time of our survey
blank door
rail information
phone on pillar about a metre from the wall
door to cafe, in recess
Station Bar, leading west
metal barrier, partially across walkway to ferry
wide open walkway leading west
exit from gents toilets (on north side)
wall juts out, disused taxi office - there's a dedicated phone on wall
blank door
wall juts out again
rail information billboards
entrance to gents toilets
billboard, history of Wemyss Bay
north platform (from east side)
barrier across end of track 1
island platform
barrier across end of track 2
bollards across beginning of south platform - path to main car park
Book Shop, including art gallery, on south side
main entrance

The Ticket Office

In the middle of the concourse is a semi-circular structure which includes the ticket office. The sales window and a blank door face the platform (east) whilst the remainder of the outside is surrounded by planters, with rail information billboards above.

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