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The station is located west of Shore Road which runs approximately north past the station before curving east, inside the curve of the tracks. There's an extensive forecourt between this road and the station building. The area immediately outside and south of the main entrance includes the taxi rank and disabled persons' parking, whilst the car park extends east then north along the east side of the station.

There's an entrance to the main car park leading north then east within the station building, whilst the exit is some distance along Shore Road, beyond the scope of this survey. We'll call this entrance the east entrance as you can continue north into the concourse.

The ferry terminal lies to the west of the station building, being linked via a short, covered walkway.

Note, there is no obvious crossing route between the pavement of Shore Road and the station.

Entrances and Exits

There are three entrances/exits to this station, all of which provide step-free access into the concourse:

Local Road Crossings

Shore Road

The crossing is a few metres south of the vehicle entrance to the station forecourt and ferry port.

This is a single stage crossing with tactile paving and sounder. The post, with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you cross in either direction.

Local Buses

On the West Side of Shore Road

As you leave the main exit, bear left across the forecourt to the pavement then turn right.

Bus Stop 6130369, Wemyss Bay Station, with shelter south of the post, serves:

On the East Side of Shore Road

Bus Stop 6130370 a few metres north of the crossing, , with no shelter, serves:

Local Features

The West Side of Shore Road, Going South

  exit from car park, north of the station
bus stop 6130369
entrance to car park and ferry
war memorial
crossing of Shore Road

East Side of Shore Road, Going North from the Crossing

narrow pavement
Bus Stop 6130370
small parade of shops

Outside the Station Building

Starting from the vehicle entrance to the station car park, we follow the building west then curve right to the north before we reach the outside of the walkway to the ferry terminal.

  east entrance/vehicle entrance to car park
window of book shop
windows of art gallery
main entrance, leading north
windows of cafe
windows to Station Bar
multi-storey building with windows
disabled persons' parking bays to left (west)
gateway to ferry, not for public use

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