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This station has a single island platform with no tactile paving. We understand the former luggage platform is no longer used.

The doors will open on either side of you as you face the front of the train. This would be to your left on platform 1, or to your right on platform 2.

To the Exits

Go beyond the front of the train, into the concourse.

From here, you can turn immediately left for the car park or continue to the ticket office building in front of you before turning left for the main entrance. See the Environs page for details.

For the ferry, go round the ticket office building then continue, away from the platforms, down the sloping walkway towards the ferry terminal. If you need a ticket, or assistance, follow the right-hand side, then go through the pull door in front of you. The ticket sales window is in front of you and the seating area to your right.

To get onto the ferry, follow the left-hand side of the walkway, past the ticket office to your right, then take the turning left.

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