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This is the terminus station on the line from Glasgow Central.


The tracks run approximately west before curving south towards the station, then west again into the station to either side of the island platform, on which platform 1 lies north of platform 2. There's a short platform north of track 1 which we understand was for loading and unloading luggage, there is a significant gap between this additional platform and the train.

An extensive car park lies south then east of track 2. It appears that there used to be a platform along the south side of the station, though the track has been removed and the remaining platform is used as an access path to the car park.

West of the platforms is an ornate, curved concourse with the entrances/exits to the forecourt on the south side and the entrance/excit to the ferry terminal on the west.

We understand this Grade A listed building is the finest example of rail architecture in Scotland.


There is step-free access throughout this station. We therefore believe the station is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

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