The Platforms

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There's a single island platform leading east from the concourse, with platform 1 lying north of platform 2.

There's an old luggage platform, north of track 1, which we believe is no longer in use.

A further platform south of track 2 is now used as the access path to the main car park, there is a vacant track bed between this platform and track 2.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of any platform in this station.

The North Platform

This platform leads east along the north side of track 1. We understand this was used for loading and unloading luggage, note there is a significant gap between the edge of this platform and the train.

From the West

  2 bike lockers
locked gate
timber flooring along platform
row of seven pillars along platform
slope off end

Platforms 1 and 2

This is a wide (about ten metres), island platform which leaves the east side of the concourse before curving towards the left (north).

To Reach

There is level access to this island platform from the concourse.


There's a row of pillars along each platform, supporting the canopy. Beyond the canopy is a stretch of open platform before the slope off the end.

The South Platform

This leads east from the concourse, south of a vacant track bed and now provides access to the main car park. There is no tactile paving along the edge of this space. The car park extends some distance east of the concourse, beyond the scope of this survey.

The vehicle entrance is the east entrance to the station, whilst the exit into Shore Road is at the far end.

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