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There is level access from the car park onto platform 1, westbound. From here, there is stairs access to platform 2 via the bridge. There is also access to each platform from the road bridge, though these routes are too steep for some users. See the environs page for details.

There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

From Where?

  From the Car Park
From the Road Bridge

From the Car Park

As you face the former station building (now a Chinese restaurant) the entrance to platform 1, westbound is to your right of the building. You move onto the platform, near the rear of the train.

For Platform 2, Eastbound, turn right, following the right-hand side, to the bridge. You go up a flight of steps, turn left then go up five steps. Continue, down five steps, turn left then go down a flight of steps and turn left onto the platform. We believe you're near the front of the train.


From the Road Bridge

As you follow the left-hand side of Main Street, going away from the village, you cross the access road to the car park then continue up the slope. The first turning left is to platform 1, westbound, whilst the second is to platform 2, eastbound.

For Platform 1, Westbound

Turn left, go down three steps then continue down a very steep slope. At the bottom, take the turning right onto the platform, near the rear of the train.


For Platform 2, Eastbound

Turn left, go down a steep slope. The path veers right before you reach the platform, we believe you're before the front of the train, turn right and move along the platform, towards the bridge.

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