Platform 2, EASTBOUND

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This is a separate platform along the north side of the station serving trains towards Edinburgh. There is tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

This platform can be reached from platform 1 via the bridge or via a steep ramp from Limefield Road. Note that this latter route is very steep and is therefore unsuitable for some users. See the Environs page for details.

From the East

  slope off end, under road bridge
gravel, before wooden fence on right
path from road bridge
gravel and wooden fence resume, features are off the platform
sand bin
2 x 2 pillars for bridge, note you can walk underneath the steps
steps up east to bridge, tactile paving beyond
platform widens
covered drainage channel now along middle
waiting area starts

This waiting area has two open entrances leading north from the platform. There is seating on the far (north) side with a ticket machine near the west end.

Continuing West

  waiting area ends
help point
departure screen above
hard surface continues to fence, with seating
post, platform 2
post, CCTV
gravel resumes, drainage channel ends
mesh fence beyond gravel
open platform continues
slope off end

Note that this platform is a few metres east of platform 1.

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