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The station is located on the west side of a service road from the west side of Maxwell Avenue (north/south), which we understand to be the main road through Westerton.

A path, over the canal from Avenel Road, Knightswood leads to the northbound, platform 2.

Entrances and Exits

There are five entrances/exits to this station:

The Avenel Road Entrance

From Glendinning Road, you turn east along Avenel Road then take the turning right (south). You go up 17 widely spaced steps, spiralling clokwise, then seven widely spaced steps, going east, onto the canal bridge. You then go down nine widely spaced steps, going east then down and up a slope, onto platform 2, just south of the steps to the bridge.

Local Road Crossings

We found no formal crossings of Maxwell Avenue, the service road, Glendinning or Avenel roads during our survey.

Local Buses

On the East Side of Glendinning Road

A few metres south of Avenel Road, is bus stop 6090697, with a shelter to the south. We found no information about services during our survey.

On the North Side of Avenel Road

A few metres west of Glendinning Road, is bus stop 6090701 Knightswood Avenel Road, with no shelter, serving 84 to Old Kilpatrick.

Local Features

West Side of Service Road off Maxwell Avenue, Going South

  entrance/exit to station beside bridge, bollard in middle
station building
push door into ticket office, taxi pick-up/drop-off on left
path to platform 1, beside toilet
service road veers left towards Maxwell Avenue

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