Platform 2, Northbound

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This is a separate platform along the west side of the station.

The bridge is about in the middle of the platform, just north of the entrance from Avenel Road, which also provides stairs-only access. See the Environs page for details.

There's tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

From the South

  metal rail and tactile at end
metal fence on left with raised cobble stones before the fence
post, CCTV, platform 2
4 seats
post, speaker
post, CCTV in middle
4 seats
departure screen
assistance ramp
waiting room with step up

The waiting room has an open entrance near each end and a seating rail along the west side.

Continuing North from the Waiting Room

  help point, on raised area around waiting room, post with clock and CCTV behind
path from Avenel Road
steps up north to bridge, note you can get underneath these
4 seats
4 seats
post, platform 2
post, outside fence, three car stop
post, CCTV
post, Westerton
stanchion, outside fence
post, CCTV six car stop
metal fence and tactile at end

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