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To Reach the Bridge

You reach the foot bridge after going (south) through the gates in the concourse or via the passage which runs along the south side of the concourse building.

The Passage

East End

  blank wall

South Side

  lamp post
"Permit to Travel" machine
entrance to foot bridge
cycle racks

West End

  emerges into car park

North Side

entrance/exit from concourse

The Bridge

You go down a slope (south).

From the bottom of the slope, the wooden steps to platforms 1 - 2 leave from your left (east), descend 13 then 13 steps, going east. Turn left for platform 1, you're at the rear of the departing trrain; right for platform 2, you're about in the middle of the train.

Continuing south, there are screens with train details and a digital clock above the middle of the walkway. Towards the end of the bridge, we have

East Side

blank door

South End

  Blank wall

West Side

  Stone steps to platform 3, down 10 then 10 steps, going west, there is a billboard on the wall in front of you. Turn right (north) down 6 steps going north, onto platform 3. You're at the rear of the train

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