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The station is reached via an approach road which leaves, westwards from Heath road just north of the railway bridge.

We found no nearby crossings or bus stops on either Heath Road, or Brooklands Road, which continues southwards from the bridge.

To Reach the Station

The station approach runs, parallel to the main line, then curves left into the station forecourt. As you enter the forecourt, there's a taxi office on your left followed by a dry cleaners, whilst the building containing the station concourse is to your right. The approach road forks right, round this building to the car park.

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances into the concourse; The east entrance from the forecourt and the west entrance from the car park.


There are two coin and card phones to your right as you enter the concourse via the east entrance. A passage, containing a "Permit to Travel" machine and intercoms, runs between the concourse building and the near side of the foot bridge, affording access to the station whilst it is unmanned.

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