Platform 2, EASTBOUND

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The front of the train is at the door to the Station Supervisor's office.

Features on the Platform, from the East End

Wall with a blank door at the east end, at an angle, running northeast/southwest, There is a sharp metal sign sticking out at face height. The wall doesn't reach the platform edge, there is a slope onto the tracks east of the wall.

There is a yellow line near the edge of the platform but no clear tactile markings - keep close to the buildings.

A row of pillars runs along the middle of the platform, up to the beginning of the island, shared with platform 1. From this point, there are two rows of pillars to the end of the covered area.

North Side

  Blank door with "danger"
blank door
door to toilets, ladies and gents, closed at the time of our survey. There is a circular sign in the middle of the door
blank door
Station Supervisor's office

Recess begins - continuing along platform

  Digital clock above middle of walkway
Irregular shaped Expresso bar
row of benches

In the Recess

East Wall

  blank door

North Wall

  cycle rack

West Wall

  blank wall juts out (south) then continues along platform
waiting room with door facing onto platform
blank door

The platform widens here, before the east end of platform 1.

Continuing West, after the Recess

  2 vending machines, just beyond first pillar on north side
back to back seats with train timetable board between them
help point, to west of timetable
steps to bridge, going up to west, pillar either side

Continuing west along platform 2, Beyond the Steps

gap to platform 1
wall with 2 billboards and blank door
gap to platform 1
seat with wall behind

The covered area finishes about 8 metres beyond this.

The open platform with posts and signs along the middle continues to a slope off the west end.

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