Platform 3, WESTBOUND

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Features on the Platform, from the East End

The blank wall at the end does not reach the edge of the platform. There's a slope off the end, beyond this wall.

There is tactile paving, not too pronounced, just outside the row of pillars which runs along the covered area of the platform.

  blank wall
billboard (after a few metres)
wall retreats south with billboards then juts back
train timetable

A recess contains

East Wall


South Wall

  help point

West Side

  short bblank wall
sharp pillar

Continuing West along the Platform, Beyond the Recess

  steps to bridge, leaving to left (south), digital clock above platform
3 seats

The covered area ends here, this is the front of the westbound train.

The open platform, blank wall to left, posts down middle, tapers towards the slope at the west end.

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