Platform 2, WESTBOUND

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The east end of this platform can be reached via Yokerburn Terrace, or the east bridge, whilst the west end can be reached via the path from Hamilton Street.

From Yokerburn Terrace

Yokerburn Terrace leaves Mill Road, south of the station, leading west. Follow the pavement, which curves right (north), to the fence, move left to locate the gate, leading north into the station. The steps to the east bridge are to your right, you're at the east end of the platform, near the rear of the train. Note that the gate is in the northeast corner of the car park.

From Mill Road, Via the East Bridge

Locate the gap in the railings on the west side of Mill Road then go up two steps, going west. Continue west, down one step then turn left for platform 2, turn right at the end and go down two flights of steps to platform level, you're at the rear of the train.

From Hamilton Street

Follow the right-hand of the two paths, which leads northeast. The path has a fence on each side. You go down the slope before following the path to your right (east). You pass six lamp posts to your right, before the path slopes up onto the west end of platform 2. You're beyond the front of the train, the rear of the train is almost opposite the steps from the east bridge.


The east end of the platform is under the east bridge, though there's no need to go beyond the foot of the steps.

There's tactile paving near the platform edge. The tactile paving meets the north end of the wall across the end of the platform. Note that beyond the end of the wall is a gap big enough to get one foot down between the wall and the ramp off the east end of the platform.

A drainage channel runs along the platform.

Going West from the East End

  recess to left of platform, not for public use
wall below east bridge
series of pillars
wall retreats beneath upper set of steps
steps to bridge going up east
entrance from car park/Yokerburn Terrace, immediately beyond steps
lamp post
fence retreats south
shelter set into this recess, entrances at each end
rubbish bin
fence returns to be in line with the entrance
help point
low wall
box then fence behind wall
CCTV post
lamp post
lamp post
3 car stop post
departure screen
CCTV post
lamp post
lamp post
6 car stop post
drain ends
twin post with cctv and departure screen
lamp post
drain resumes
lamp post to right
post with CCTV
lamp post, on left
right-hand half of platform slopes down off end

The path towards Hamilton Street continues west from the left-hand half of the platform, south of the drainage channel.

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