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From the end of Hamilton Street, follow the left-hand of two paths leading away from Dumbarton Road (north). There's a fence to each side of this path. The path turns left (west) then continues up a slope with broad steps. You go up five steps going west, turn right (180 degrees, east) then up eight broad steps, going east. There's a solid metal wall on your left. Turn left (north) onto the bridge.

There's a solid wall on each side of the bridge, continue (north) to the end then turn left (west), go down eight broad steps, going west, there's a solid wall to your left and a fence to your right. Turn right (180 degrees, east), there's a fence on each side. Go down five broad steps, going east. Turn left (north) from the foot of these steps and follow the path, with a hedge to each side, north to Bell Street, after about 30 metres.

There's a hand rail to each side of all steps in this bridge.

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