The bridge provides stairs access to all platforms and the west exit to the National Railway Museum. All flightss of steps are divided into two sections by central rails and customers are requested to keep to the left.

Although this is the only means of accessing the National Railway Museum exit, the platforms can also be reached via the subway which offers simpler stairs access. We therefore recommend you to use the subway to move between the main entrance and platforms and to change platforms within the station.

The Bridge from Platform 3

There are two sets of steps leading from platform 3, outside the concourse. The south steps leave from a point west of the Upper Crust kiosk, whilst the north steps leave from a point west of the building with cash points, on the west side of the concourse. This was a closed shop at the time of our survey, which was to be used by the Tourist Information Office, whilst this undergoes refurbishment.

Using either set of steps, you go up 8 then 8 steps onto a landing with:

East Side

  Puccino's Expresso Bar

This used to be the Station Master's office, go up three stepps, going east to the entrance.

South Side

  steps to platform 3, go down 8 then 8 steps going south

West Side

  9 steps, going up west, onto the bridge

North Side

  steps to platform 3, go down 8 then 8 steps, going north

Continuing West, Along the Bridge

The first turnings are to the steps, down left or right onto platforms 5 to 9. Beyond this you may notice the lower ceiling as you approach the turnings to steps, to each side to platforms 10 and 11.

You can continue, beyond these to the blank wall at the west end. At this point, steps lead down to your right (north), towards the National Railway Museum. See the Environs page for details of this exit.

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