Platforms 5 TO 9


This is an island with Platform 5 running along the east side, whilst platform 9 runs along the west. This island platform curves to the right as you go south.

The island platform is reached via steps from the bridge and via lift or steps from the subway which emerge in the area known as the Platform 5 Concourse.

Two bay platforms 6 and 7 lead south from the Platform 5 Concourse. Platform 6 lying west of platform 5 and platform 7 lying east of platform 9.

Platform 8 is a bay platform which leads north from the Platform 5 Concourse, east of platform 9, separated from this by buildings or a wall. There is no equivalent bay platform to the west of platform 5 at this point.

To Reach

From the bridge, you can go down 7 steps, going south, turn right, continue to the rail and turn right again (north) then go down 12 steps, going north onto a landing between platforms 5 and 8 - continue west, through the gap onto platform 9. Alternatively, you can go down 7 steps, going north, turn right, continue to the rail then turn right again and go down 12 steps, going south onto the landing.

From here, you can turn east to reach platform 5 or west to reach platform 8 and continue west onto platform 9. In each case, you go down five steps into the Platform 5 Concourse.

The Platform 5 Concourse

The Structure housing the Landing from the Bridge

West Side, Platform 8

steps from bridge
coin phone
card phone

North Side

Puccino's Expresso Bar

East Side, Platform 5

steps from bridge

South Side


South side of Platform 5 Concourse, Going East from Platform 9

This is the area between the structure described above and the start of the bay platforms, 6 and 7.

Lemon Tree cafe bar, entrance on east
information kiosk, eight seats in front, facing east, south of the shop
cruciform display board, between kiosk and shop
display boards
platforms 5 and 6 leading south

Platforms 5 and 6 Going South from the Platform 5 Concourse


The floor changes as we move east from the Platform 5 Concourse, onto platform 5 itself, platform 5 continues south with platform 6 to the right (west). In the middle of the platform, there's tactile paving in front, with a rail to each side of the steps going down south into the subway.

Continuing South from the Steps

coach E, beside steps
lift, rails round, door in north side
coach F standard class, wheelchair accessible
4 back-to-back seats
bollards, along platform
3 back-to-back seats
4 back-to-back seats
4 back-to-back seats
waiting room, door in north end with handle, opens outwards, seats facing platform 5, rail around
pairs of pillars along platform
Coach L first class, wheelchair accessible
signal at end

Platform 5, Going North from Beside the Steps to the Subway

Platform 7, Going South from the Platform 5 Concourse

There is tactile paving along the edge of this platform.

Platform 8


platform 8 starts with buildings on the left (west) side, there is tactile paving near the edge.

Going North from the Platform 5 Concourse

disabled persons toilet
tactile paving denotes start of platform
gents, unisex disabled persons toilet
unisex baby changing
gap through to platform 9
gap through to platform 9
4 seats
buildings, not for public access
4 seats
4 seats
gap through to platform 9
siqnal, no need to go beyond end of building

Platform 9


Consistent with the practice we've adopted for platforms 3 and 4, we're dividing this description into two, leading south, then north from the point in the Platform 5 Concourse, opposite the foot of the steps from the bridge.

There's no tactile paving near the edge of this platform.

Going South from Platform 5 Concourse

Going North from the Platform 5 Concourse

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