This is rectangular in shape with the main entrance from Concourse Square on the west side. The Travel Centre is to your left, as you enter, the tactile map of the station, city centre and the accessible terminal for departures information are in front of you. There are five sets of exit doors to the stance area in the east side of the concourse.

There are REACT beacons outside the main entrance, above the Travel Centre and outside the north and south exits into the stance area.

The Main Entrance

You enter facing east, via two sets of automatic doors, with tactile matting inside each set. Beyond these, to your right (south) is a photo booth, before you reach the concourse. To your left is a phone charging point before the Access Glasgow terminal.


West Side, Going North from the Main Entrance

  Access Glasgow terminal
Travel Centre, tickets and information, one gap into this area
floor slopes up
blank door
gents toilets, 0.30 entrance charge
top of slope
change machine
disabled persons toilet, with baby changing room on north side
ladies toilets, 0.30 entrance charge
floor slopes up
blank door

North Side, Going East

  emergency exit
Left Luggage lockers jut out, control console in middle, get help from Left Luggage Office
blank wall
Left Luggage office

The Left Luggage Office

South Side, Going West
door to City Link office
West Side
  blank door
North Side
East Side
  window onto steps from Cowcaddens Road entrance

East Side, Going South

  north entrance
second exit
SPT Information desk
emergency exit
third exit
temporary sales desk
tactile map of bus station, departure screen above
accessible departures information terminal, TVI
tactile map of city centre, north to left
fourth exit
phone charging point
south entrance

South Side, Going West

  WH Smith
entrance to cafe, leading west

This cafe, AMPM, occupies the southwest corner of the concourse, there are two entrances, you enter facing west. To your right (north) is the open area in front of the counter. The remainder of this space is seating and tables. This cafe has toilets (0.30 charge).

West Side, Beyond the Cafe

post box
photo booth
main entrance

There are trees and seats in the middle of the concourse, towards the north end, whilst the meeting point is in the middle. This is a statue, just north of the entrance to the Travel Centre.

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