Buchanan Bus Station is located in the rectangular area bounded by Killermont Street (south), North Hanover Street (east) and Cowcaddens Road )north. Between West Nile Street (west) and the bus station is the former Laings Hotel (which is now a leisure complex with shops, restaurants and flats), a multi-storey car park and the forecourt, which is named Concourse Square.

Entrances and Exits

The main entrance leads east from Concourse Square, via two sets of automatic doors, into the concourse. The forecourt can be reached from the south, from Killermont Street, or via steps from the north, from Cowcaddens Road.

There are six entrances/exits into the stance area:

Local Road Crossings

Cowcaddens Road

A few metres east of the top of the steps from the forecourt is a crossing with no tactile paving, post on right with sounder and rotating cone, towards the entrance to Caledonian University.

There's an underpass, leading north from the forecourt, just east of the foot of the steps.

Killermont Street

There's a crossing between the forecourt and the main entrance to the Royal Concert Hall. As you face across Killermont Street, the post with push button, sounder but no rotating cone, is to your right. There is tactile paving at each end of this crossing.

Bus Entrances/Exits

There are two bus station access points just west of the junction of Killermont and North Hanover Streets, separated by a short stretch of pavement. Whilst these have tactile paving at each side, there is no pedestrian control of either of these crossings.

The Junction of Killermont and North Hanover Street

These are single-stage crossings with tactile paving an rotating cones

West Arm, Killermont Street

The posts with push buttons are west of the crossing, that is to your right as you cross away from the bus station, to your left as you cross towards it.

North Arm, North Hanover Street

The post with push button is to your right as you cross in either direction.

The Junction of North Hanover Street and Cowcaddens Road

West Arm, Cowcaddens Road

This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving and rotating cones. The posts with push buttons are west of the crossing, that is to your left as you cross away from the bus station or to your right as you cross towards it.

Bus Stops - Outside the Station

Killermont Street

Some distance east of the crossing towards the Royal Concert Hall is a bus stop with shelter: Killermont Street, serving:

Cowcaddens Road

The bus stop with shelter (Cowcaddens) serving Stuart's Coaches 72 to Kirkintilloch, is a few metres east of the crossing by the steps up from the forecourt.

Local Features

There's a clock in the middle of Concourse Square.

South Side of Concourse Square, Going East

  hire bike stand, on right
crossing, right, to Concert Hall
security bollards to left

West Side of Building, Going North

  windows of AM PM Café
double door entrance to café
blank door
2 sets of double doors into concourse
pillar, away from building
blank double door
blank door
steps down, north, into subway

South Side of Building, Going East

  map of Glasgow City Centre, on right
blank door
circular seating area, in middle, billboards on left
windows of WH Smith, entrance inside concourse
southwest entrance to stance area
row of trees along middle, wall on left
bike racks, on right
bus stop with shelter, on right
blank wall, on left
middle entrance to stance area
blank wall continues
tactile paving for bus entrance
bus entrance, no controlled crossing
island between bus entrance and exit, with tactile paving
bus exit, no controlled crossing
tactile paving on main pavement
entrance to stances 23 - 32
tactile paving of crossing of Killermont Street, to right
tactile paving of crossing of North Hanover Street

West Side of North Hanover Street, Going North From Killermont Street

  lamp post, in middle
wall with windows, on left
blank door
fence, on left
wall, on left
billboard, on right

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