There are toilets including a disabled persons toilet within the concourse and a disabled persons toilet adjacent to the passenger lounge, beyond stance 22. There are also toilets within the café area and passenger lounge.

Within the Concourse

As you pass the travel centre to your left, going north, you go up a slight slope, past a staff door, kiosk then the entrance to the gents toilet. The floor levels out here, you continue past a Wall mounted change machine. The door to the disabled persons toilet which includes baby changing facility on the right-hand wall, is to your left. The Entrance to the ladies toilets is beyond this, in the northwest corner of the concourse, enter facing west. There's a staff-only door between the entrance to the ladies and the north wall of the concourse.

Note, you can access the disabled persons toilets by means of a RADAR key, if you do not have one of these, Left Luggage staff will provide one on request.

Within the Cafe

The toilets are on the far left-hand side as you come in from the concourse.

In the Passenger Lounge

Go through the door, turn left and go through the door into the lounge area. Turn right and pass the ladies then gents on your right.

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