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The cafe and restaurant occupy a triangular, conservatory-style extension to the southeast corner of the building. The seating area forms an L-shape to the south and east of the staff area, such that the east section forms the seating area for the cafe, whilst the southern section, containing tables covered with cloths, is the restaurant section.

Customers wishing to receive waiter service in the restaurant are invited to wait beyond the foot of the stairs, until shown to a table. Those wishing to use the self service cafe, should follow the wall round to the left and continue to the servery.

To Reach

From the main entrance, you enter via two sets of doors facing north. Continue, beyond the enquiry desk and shop, into the courtyard and turn immediately right. Follow the passage (east) along the south side of the building until you find a recess to your right with the stairs (down) going away from you (east) and the lift behind you to the west.

Go down two flights of ten, steep steps to floor level, the hand rail is to your right (south).

Alternatively, you can use the lift which is behind you as you face the top of the stairs. Note that, on leaving the lift, you must move to your right onto the carpet, to avoid walking under the stairs.

To Use the Cafe

You're in an L-shaped area around the staff-only part of the cafe to your left. Move forward, to the end of the wall then turn left. After passing a staff-only entrance, you find the tray stacks to your left, then the counter, which is set back a short distance to your left. Staff will help you find what you want and also serve hot food and drinks.

The till is at the far (north) end of the counter. Having paid, turn right (east), you pass the napkin and cutlery to your left and a pillar to your right. The seating area, with tables is established around the east and south walls of this area, that is to your right (from 1 to 2 o'clock).


Going Clockwise from the Foot of the Stairs

North Side

  low wall overlooking staff area

Turning left into the main cafe area, beyond this wall

West Side

Following stone floor

  opening to staff area
blank door
tray stack
blank door
tray stack
opening to servery

Within the Servery, West Side

  counter with chilled food and drinks
coffee and hot food station
pillar to right
cash desk

North Side

  cutlery and serviettes
staff area

A glass wall runs southeast then veers right south to become the east wall.

East Side

  seating on carpeted area against glass wall

South Side

  seating on carpeted area, against south wall, mainly for restaurant
emergency exit

West Side

  blank wall

North Side

Recess to Toilets

West Side
  first aid room
gents toilets
North Side
  ladies toilets
East Side
South Side

Continuing East on North Side, Beyond the Recess

  entrance to staff area
stairs jutting out

Note, you have to move onto the carpet when moving east to avoid the stairs.

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