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By Bus

There are several buses which run along Pollokshaws Road past Pollok Park. Sadly, at the time of our survey, none of these served Buchanan Bus Station, however, we caught the number 45 from North Hannover Street.

Describe Online has published an Online Guide to Buchanan Bus Station.

To catch the number 45, leave the bus station via the North Hannover Street exit, east of stance 22 and turn left (north). Cross Cowcaddens Road; the push button, with rotating cone is to your left, note the high kerb on the north side of Cowcaddens Road. Turn right (east) and cross North Hannover Street, again, the post with push button and rotating cone is to your left. Turn left (north) and continue till you find the bus shelter on your right. At the time of our survey, the number 45 service wasn't listed at this bus stop, but we assure you we did catch it from here.

The Number 45 Route follows Pollokshaws road, under the railway bridge at Shawlands Rail Station, get off at the second stop beyond this, which is opposite the entrance to Pollok Park. You could continue forward (west) to the crossing opposite Pollokshaws West Rail Station but this two-stage crossing had neither tactile paving nor rotating cones at the time of our survey. We therefore recommend that you turn back (east) and locate the tactile paving for the crossing of Pollokshaws Road, outside Pollokshaws Hall.

This is a two-stage crossing. As you face across Pollokshaws Road, the first post, with push button and rotating cone is to your left. Cross to the central island, Turn left, then right and locate the second post, with push button and rotating cone to your right.

Having reached the north side of Pollokshaws Road, turn left (west) and continue, past the green bus shelter, to the first down kerb which is the entrance to Pollok Park, turn right here.

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By Train

You can catch the train from Glasgow Central Station towards East Kilbride. The second stop should be Pollokshaws West, make your way to the exit and turn left, along the pavement. Follow this, down the slight slope onto the north side of Pollokshaws Road. Continue (east), about 100 metres in all, over the river to the first down kerb, which is the entrance to Pollok Park, turn left here.

The entrance road has pavement to each side, for a few metres, to the far (north) side of the railway bridge. If you're on the right-hand side, we suggest you cross the road, where the pavement continues to the gate house. Note that this is the entrance to the park, traffic flows one way, from your left.

The bus stop for the courtesy bus to the Burrell Museum and Pollok House is on your left after a few metres, beyond the railway bridge. This service runs every half hour between 10:00 and 16:00 except between 12:00 and 13:00. Having reached the Museum stop, get off the bus, turn left and take the pavement to your right, which slopes up then down, over tactile paving onto a tarmac surface. Continue (north) onto a paved area before the museum entrance, in front of you.

Alternatively, you can take a few minutes walk to the museum. Continue (north), after some distance, you reach the gate house, beside which the pavement narrows. Go through this then cross the road to your right as the pavement on the left finishes here. As you continue (north) you reach the beginning of a path leading to the Museum, which had just been resurfaced at the time of our survey. Turn right here and follow the path, down a slope, then up again slightly before going up a steeper slope over a small stream. You're now passing a car park on your left. The path curves to your left, so that, when you reach the road (running east/west), you're moving northwards. This is an exit road from the park, traffic flows one way, from your left. Continue (north) following the path, which continues curving left so that you're moving westwards as you start passing the building to your right. Follow the right-hand side of the path until you can turn right, towards the entrance to the building.

When you leave, you can retrace your steps to Pollokshaws West Station to catch the return train, or turn left as you reach Pollokshaws Road and catch the Number 45 bus to the City Centre. We recommend you get off at the stop in Killermont Street, which is outside The Buchanan Bus Station.

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