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This rectangular room is the main function suite for conferences, concerts, etc. and measures about 16 metres in height, 25 long and 12 metres wide. 300 people can be seated for dinners.

The principal features include a stage along the east side, many paintings by Glasgow artists depicting historic scenes of the city, ornate stained glass windows, large murals and three chandeliers which need to be lowered by winch and cleaned once per year.

There are four carpets on the floor which can be removed to reveal a wooden dance floor.

To Reach

Having entered the building, continue forward to the reception desk. You will either be required to join one of the public tours of the building or, if you have other business within the building, you'll receive a pass.

Turn left, from Reception and continue, through the short corridor (including a steep ramp), to the foot of the Marble Staircase, go up a flight of steps, turn left (west) and go up another to the first floor. Turn left (south) follow the balustrade to the corner then turn left again (east). At the end of the balustrade, turn left (north) go up a flight of steps then turn left (west) and go up another flight to the second floor.

Turn right (180 degrees) and continue (east) to the wall in front of you, turn right and enter the Banqueting Hall via the door on your left.


Going Clockwise from the South Door

West Side

  south door from the atrium round the Marble Staircase
north door from the atrium around the Marble Staircase
door to Mahogany Room
North Side
  stained glass windows overlooking balconies and George Street
stained glass windows, very ornate with pillars between
door into cupboard, at east end
East Side
  blank door, (wings of stage)
ornate pillar
steps up to stage
seats, in front of stage
steps onto stage
blank door, (wings of stage)
South Side
  blank door
wall with paintings, on a large mural, with seats in front, "The Glasgow Story"
fire exit
mural of Glasgow Fare, (history)
painting of Glasgow's ship building industry
West Side
  blank door
south door from the atrium around the Marble Staircase

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