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Members of the public can meet their councillors here, by appointment, or attend relevant committee meetings. The corridor runs along the south side of the building and contains the committee rooms and library. Staff are available to assist as you enter from the atrium around the Working Staircase. Although we could only visit Committee Room 3 during our survey, we understand that the committee rooms are rectangular with a table and chairs in the middle and a single window facing south.

To Reach

As members of the public are not encouraged to use the Working Staircase, the following route directs you, a slightly longer way, via the Marble Staircase.

Having entered the building, continue forward to the reception desk. You will either be required to join one of the public tours of the building or, if you have other business within the building, you'll receive a pass.

Turn left, from Reception and continue, through the short corridor (including a steep ramp), to the foot of the Marble Staircase, go up a flight of steps, turn left (west) and go up another to the first floor. Turn left (south) follow the balustrade to the corner then turn left again (east). At the end of the balustrade, turn left (north) go up a flight of steps then turn left (west) and go up another flight to the second floor.

Turn left and follow the wall on your right, through Queen's Square, into the atrium around the Working Staircase. Continue, following the wall on your right, to the corner. The door into the Councillors' Corridor is in front of you.


You enter near the west end of the corridor.

West End

  blank door, Lord Provost's dining room

South Side, Going East

  Lord Provost's office;
Council Officers' Room
Pigeon-holes for councillors
Committee Room 1
Committee Room 2
Committee Room 3
Committee Room 4
Leader's office
Mirror wall

The corridor turns left (north) beyond the scope of our survey.

North Side, Going East from the Entrance

  doorway to lift
blank door, kitchen
dining room
doorway to stairs, beyond the scope of our survey

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