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Having entered the building, continue forward to the reception desk. You will either be required to join one of the public tours of the building or, if you have other business within the building, you'll receive a pass.

Turn left, from Reception and continue, through the short corridor (including a steep ramp), to the foot of the Marble Staircase, go up a flight of steps, turn left (west) and go up another to the first floor. Turn left (south) follow the balustrade to the corner then turn left again (east). At the end of the balustrade, turn left (north) go up a flight of steps then turn left (west) and go up another flight to the second floor.

The Octagonal Suite is between the Mahogany Room and Satinwood Suite. As there is no door leading from the atrium into this room, it can only be reach via either of the above.


The exit from the west side of the Mahogany Room leads into a small room with curved corners. Here too, is an ornate ceiling with a chandelier.

There is ornate timberwork in each curved corner of this space.

A window faces west onto George Square and another north onto George Street.

A door leads south into the northwest corner of the Satinwood Suite.

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