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The building has four floors - ground through third - of which the first floor is taken up by offices which are not available to the public.

You enter from George Square either via the revolving door (up one step) or the wheelchair accessible sliding door to your left as you face the building. This door is operated by a large push control to your right of the door.

The ground floor contains a cross-shaped hall with mosaic floor and many granite columns supporting an ornate ceiling. The entrance is at the head of this cross whose main axis runs east towards the reception desk. In the north arm, to your left as you enter is the remembrance lanp and role of honour (in a glass case), whilst the right (south) arm contains gifts which have been made to Glasgow (also in glass cases).As you walk towards Reception, you pass between two rows of pillars which are about two metres from the walls, between these pillars and the walls is a range of comfortable sofas and tables.

As you stand, at the reception desk, you're between two ornate arches which mark the beginning of short corridors leading to the staircases. To your right (south) is the passage to the "Working Staircase" and lift, whilst to your left (north) is the corridor to the Marbel Staircase.

If you turn right (south) and go up a short ramp, you reach the area around the foot of the Working Staircase. Although you can view the gifts, in glass cases, within this area, the stairs are not for public use. The door to the lift is on the left hand side of the corridor which leaves from the far left-hand corner of this area.

As you turn left (north) you go up a short ramp into the area around the foot of the Marble Staircase. This also contains gifts to the city, in glass cases. As you continue (north) beyond the end of the corridor, you reach the foot of the stairs. Go up one flight, turn left and up another to the first floor. This contains offices which are not to be visited by the public.

Turn left, follow the balustrade to the corner, turn left again and once more at the foot of the next flight of steps. Go up one flight, turn left then up another to reach the second floor.

The second floor contains the major areas of interest within the building. We understand that you turn right (180 degrees) from the top of the steps and go into the Banqueting Hall. From here, you make your way through the Mahogany Room, Octagonal Suite, Satinwood Suite and finally into the Council Chamber.

From here, you make your way back to the Marble Staircase and go up to the Third Floor, before returning to Reception.

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