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This rectangular room seats about 80 people for dinner. The Satinwood Suite is lined with satinwood imported from Queensland which is now considered extinct.

There are many very detailed carvings around the walls, windows overlooking George Square and a large alabaster fireplace at the south end.

To Reach

Having entered the building, continue forward to the reception desk. You will either be required to join one of the public tours of the building or, if you have other business within the building, you'll receive a pass.

Turn left, from Reception and continue, through the short corridor (including a steep ramp), to the foot of the Marble Staircase, go up a flight of steps, turn left (west) and go up another to the first floor. Turn left (south) follow the balustrade to the corner then turn left again (east). At the end of the balustrade, turn left (north) go up a flight of steps then turn left (west) and go up another flight to the second floor.

Continue to the wall in front of you and locate the north door into the room.


North Side

  entrance from the Octagonal Suite, with curtain
ornate wall with painting

East Side

  panels of ornate wood carving
north door from atrium
ornate wall with tapestry
painting "Spring Roundelay"
ornate wall with tapestry
south door from atrium

South Side

  door towards Council Chamber
alabaster fire place with very ornate carvings
west door to Council Chamber

West Side

3 large, clear windows overlooking George Square, windows with ornate wood carvings between them.

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