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The bus station is crescent-shaped, following the road between the vehicular entrance and exit. The travel centre and shopping centre are on the outside of the crescent.


There are 14 stances of which stances 1 - 9 are located around the crescent road, whilst stances 10 - 14 form a straight line (east/west) on an island within the crescent. The bus access points for stances 1 - 9 are on the inside of the crescent, whilst those for stances 10 - 14 are on the north side of the island.

Uncontrolled zebra crossings, marked by tactile paving, link the west end of the island (stance 14) to a point between stances 8 and 9; and the middle of the island, between stances 11 and 12, to a point between stances 5 and 6.

Stance 5 is beside the travel centre.


There is level access through this bus station. We therefore believe it is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

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