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Greenock bus station is located in the rectangular area bounded by Hastie Street (North), Inverkip Street (South), Kilblain Street (East) and West Shaw Street (West). Kilblain Street can be accessed by a set of two flights of 11 steps or around the shopping centre via West Stewart Street.

Entrances and Exits

The forecourt of the station can be reached via Inverkip Street to the south or from Hastie Street to the north.

Local Road Crossings

Inverkip Street

A few metres west of the forecourt is a tactile paved pedestrian controlled crossing with sounder and rotating cone. Posts to the right on both sides.

Hastie Street

There is no pedestrian controlled crossing without tactile paving.

Bus Entrances/Exits

There are two bus access roads. One at the junction of Inverkip and Kilblain Streets. This has no pedestrian control but does have tactile paving. One at the junction of Hastie and Kilblain Streets. There is no pedestrian control or tactile paving at this junction.

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