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The cafe is on the west side of the building, beyond (south of) the Reception Area.

To Reach

The Cafe can be reached from Reception, go through the door towards the Resource Centre then turn right and continue forward. The counter is in front of you. Alternatively, from the Anderson Street entrance, take the turning left, follow the right-hand side, to avoid the tables on your left, till you reach the entrance described above then turn left for the counter.


This is a rectangular space with the serving area in the northwest corner. The Internet workstations are in the southwest corner. The seating area caters for 26 people, excluding the internet stations.

There are two sofas either side of a coffee table on the far (west) side, which has two large windows onto Anderson Street. There’s a TV set between these windows.

Note, the kitchen door is to your right (north) of the counter and there’s a store room off the right-hand (north) wall as you come in from the Resource Centre.


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