Outside the building

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The Centre is on the south side of Gullane Street (east/west) and on the east side of Anderson Street (north/south). The main road (Beith Street, east/west) is south of the Centre, whilst the staff car park lies to the east.

Around the Centre Building

West side of Centre Building, Going North from Beith Street

  building curves from east to north
ramp up north towards side entrance
two steps down north
wall continues
slight ramp up to fire exit from passage to toilets
fire exit from Reception
Gullane Street, leading east

North Side of Building, Going East from Anderson Street

  hand rail along wall
ramp up east
Sign says, “Glasgow city Council, Centre for Sensory Impaired People, Insight Radio, the radio station of RNIB, Cafe Tiki, RNIB Supporting Blind and Partially Sighted People.”
main entrance, automatic door leading south
fire exit
rail resumes
ramp down east
path veers right (southeast), garden area on right
veer right (south) and continue to Beith Street

North Side of Beith Street, Going West from Corner of Building

  wall with RNIB sign above
entrance to staff car park leading north
south wall of Centre Building, curves right (north)



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