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There are two regular entrances to the Centre, the Main Entrance is from the north, into Reception, whilst the Side Entrance leads east from near the south end of the building towards Cafe Tiki, Resource Centre and the Learning and Development Centre.

The Main Entrance

From the top of the ramp from Gullane Street, turn south through an automatic door, into the draught lobby. An audio sign welcomes you to the Centre. Continue up the ramp, through another automatic door into the Reception Area. The desk is in front of you.

The Side Entrance

From Anderson Street, go up the ramp, going north then turn right, or up the two steps going south then turn left (east).

Go through an automatic door, going east, over tactile matting, into a short passage. At the end, you can turn left (north) towards Cafe Tiki, continue (east) to the Resource Centre, or turn right (south) towards the Learning and Development Centre.


The Reception Area

The Reception Desk is in front of you as you come in through the Main Entrance. This is a two-sided desk (facing north and west) in the southeast corner of this space.

The northern of the side entrances is a fire escape with level access from Reception. You go west through one set of doors then continue through another set into Anderson Street. There are steps from the upper floors of the building in the space between the two doors.

The middle doors, leading west from the passage to toilets is also a fire escape leading west into Anderson Street. These are normally locked security doors but they’re opened when a fire alarm is activated.

The Passage towards the Resource Centre

You leave the Reception Desk to your left, going south into the passage. There’s a lift on the left-hand (east) side with the call button to your right (south) of the door. This lift is only operated by authorised staff.

Beyond the lift is a pull door leading south into the Resource Centre. There’s a hand rail along the right-hand (west) side of the passage.

There’s tactile flooring outside the lift and tactile flooring instead of carpet, inside the door.

Having gone through the door, you can turn right (west) for Cafe Tiki, or continue (south) into the Resource Centre.

Towards the Learning and Development Centre

Turn right, (west) onto carpet. There’s a display cabinet on the left (south) and a blank wall on the right. Tactile flooring resumes as you reach Cafe Tiki.

Turn left (south) and follow the leftt-hand side. You pass the entrance from Anderson Street to your right and the side door to the Resource Centre on your left. The carpet resumes. The secure door to the Learning and Development Centre is on your left after a few metres. There’s a wall at the south end and a window into the Learning and Development Centre on your right (west).

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