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This area can only be reached via a secure entry door off the passage leading south from Cafe Tiki.

This is an irregular shaped space at the south end of the building containing a variety of computer based work stations.

To Reach

From Reception

From the Reception Desk, continue away from the Main entrance, through the door towards the Resource Centre.

Turn right, continue into Cafe Tiki then turn left and follow the left-hand side into the passage.

You pass the side door to the Resource Centre before you reach the secure door to the Learning and Development Centre, on your left.

From the Anderson Street Entrance

Go into the building through the automatic door and continue along the short passage. The door to the Resource Centre is in front of you. Turn right and find the secure door to the Learning and Development Centre, on your left after a few metres.


As you come in (east) from the corridor, the staff office, with an embossed sign to your right of the door, is in front of you and a blank wall to your left with the push button to open the door from the inside. Turn right towards the work area.

East Side, Going South

  staff office
embossed sign for staff office
commemorative plaque for the opening of the Centre
wall retreats east

North Side, Going East

  filing cabinets
portable screen, at the time of our survey

Continuing on East Side

  door to store room

South Side, Going West

  fire exit
wall retreats south
coat stand
bench with printer, four work stations and CCTV reader

The wall curves to become the west side, which leads into a recess with a table in the middle.

West Side


North Side

  2 work stations with phones
wall beside passage juts south

East Side, Going South

  2 work stations with phones
work station

There’s a window looking into the passage behind these.

Continueing North Side

We're now back in the main area.

  three work stations
book case
passage leading north towards staff office and entrance



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