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This includes the space between the Main Entrance and the door to the Resource Centre.

The Reception Desk is in front of you as you come in through the Main Entrance. You come in facing south.

This is a rectangular space with the Reception Desk in the southeast corner. The passage towards the Resource Centre leads south, whilst there are two interview rooms on the right-hand (west) side. The Main Entrance and Interpreter's Office are on the north side of this space.


South Side, Going West

  Reception Desk
passage to Resource Centre and Cafe Tiki
information leaflets
high level shelf with TV
information leaflets

West Side, Going North

  gap to interview rooms, go in west then turn either left or right
fire exit doors
continue north into recess with Sign Language Interpreters’ office door leading east

North Side, Going East

  recess to Interpreters’ Office
notice boards
wall juts south
entrance doors

East Side, Going South

  door to staff office
Reception Desk juts out
post with rail round on corner of desk
desk continues south
passage to Resource Centre and Cafe Tiki

In the Middle

There’s seating in line with the east wall of the Interpreters’ Office and a column surrounded by seating in the middle of the Reception Area.

The Passage to the Resource Centre

East Side, Going South

  display cabinet
fire exit to car park
lift, operated by staff

South End

  door to Resource Centre

Go through this door for Cafe Tiki and the Learning and Development Centre.

West Side

  passage to toilets

The Passage to Toilets

The passage to toilets leads west with four unisex, accessible toilets on the left-hand (south) side and a fire door to Anderson Street at the west end. there’s a hand rail along the right-hand (north) side of this passage.



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