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This is a rectangular space leading south from the door from the Reception Area. An L-shaped walkway leads from this door, past the service counter, on your left before turning right towards the Side Entrance.

The Low Vision Aids Assessment Room is at the far (south) end of this area, whilst the right-hand (west) side is mainly occupied by displays and equipment demonstration areas. Staff are available to help.

To Reach

From Reception

As you go away from the Main Entrance, continue through the door onto the tactile flooring. Continue forward and find the service counter on your left, after a few metres.

From the Anderson Street Entrance

Go through the automatic door and continue, along a short passage, then through the door in front of you. The tactile walkway leads you forward towards the service counter, in front of you.


North Side, Going East

  carpet floor resumes as you leave Cafe Tiki
tactile flooring from entrance from Reception
four chairs around coffee table, in corner

East Side, Going South

  coffee table, in corner
service counter
carpet floor resumes
display area

South Side, Going West

  door to store room
display counter, games, long canes, anti-glare glasses etc.
door to Low Vision Aids Assessment Room
tactile flooring leads to Anderson Street entrance

In the Middle

There are two large display columns, in the carpet area. The one to the south shows daily living items, whilst the other one includes product catalogues etc.

West Side, Going North

  Side Entrance
shelves with games
table with angle poise lamps etc.
gap between central columns, displays, staff will help
equipment demonstration area
display counter showing equipment for deaf and hearing impaired people
passage to Cafe Tiki



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