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This comprises two "education suites" which lie north of a corridor leading west from the centrral space of the Lower Ground Floor. A single-storey, glass roofed "pavilion" runs along the north side of this wing, past both suites.

The west end of the corridor leads to a fire escape staircase which emerges at the west end of the Ground Floor.

To Reach

From the Main Entrance, continue, past Reception then turn right. Continue, past the foot of the west stairs and go through the door in front of you. The first door on your right leads to Education Suite 1, whilst the second leads to Education Suite 2. You need to go through either of the suites to reach the Pavilion, though this can be reached via a path to the west of the forecourt.


You go through a double pull door going west into a vaulted passage leading west.

The Passage

South Side

Display area, featuring paintings by school children. There are six arches along this passage with paintings on the south side between them.

West End

  pull double doors to fire escape.

North Side, Going West

  fire extinguishers
door to Suite 1
billboards, between three arches
door to suite 2
fire extinguishers

The Fire Escape

North Side, Going West

  Campbell Hunter Object Cinema
equipment storage area

South Side, Going West

  unisex or female toilet
steps to fire escape

West End

  blank wall

Suite 1

This is a large room between the corridor (south) and pavilion (north).

South Side

  entrance from corridor
cupboards with sinks

West Side

  door to Suite 2
tiered seating

North Side

  door to pavilion

East Side

  wall with computer screen

Education Suite 2

You enter from the corridor into the west section of a room which can be divided into two by sliding doors.

The West Section

South Side
display areas
West Side
  wall with paintings
door to CH Object Cinema
North Side
  cloak cupboard
double push bar door into pavilion
East Side
  sliding doors can divide the room

The East Section

West Side
  sliding doors
North Side
  windows looking into pavilion
East Side
  blank wall
door to CH Suite 1
South Side

The Pavilion

The pavilion is an open area with a glass roof and seating

South Side

  entrance from Suite 1
cloak cupboards
entrance from Suite 2

West Side

  admin desk

North Side

  fire exit

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