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This is the coffee shop on the Ground Floor, which also sells a variety of snacks.

Coffee at Kelvingrove is located towards the southeast corner of the Main Hall. The shop itself occupies the second passage from the rear entrance on the right-hand (east) side, whilst the seating extends west into the hall.

To Reach

From the Main Entrance

Continue beyond the entrance to the shop, to your left then turn left. Continue till you locate the other door to the Shop, to your left, turn right here and go up the Lower East Stairs. The entrance to Coffee at Kelvingrove is opposite the top of these stairs.

Via the Lift

Continue, to the wall then move to your right, past the entrance to the Restaurant and locate the East Lift to your left. At First Floor level, turn left and continue to the wall in front of you then move right to locate the entrance.

From the Rear Entrance

Enter the main hall, take the first turning right, then first left. You'll need to go to the other (north) side of the counter to collect your tray.


The Shop can be entered from three sides - from the north (opposite the Lower East Stairs), from the west (from the Main Hall) and via either of two entrances from the first passage on your right from the Rear Entrance.

You collect trays from the east end of the north side of the counter, follow the counter round left, towards the south, the pay desk is at the south. All the seating is outside in the Main Hall.

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