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How We Keep Inventing New Ways of Killing People, and then Wonder Why

Cold Steel – swords are both works of art and designed to kill.

Dressed to Kill – expensive armour shows rank, authority, virility and allegiance.

Animal Armoury – how humans and animals find similar solutions to defend themselves against attack.

A Life of Service – James Keith Gorrie – a sailor in the Merchant Navy during World War II, whose experiences marked his later life.

Souvenirs of War – what souvenirs brought back from conflicts by soldiers in the 19th century tell us now.

Battle of Langside – Building on history – the 1568 Battle of Langside only lasted 45 minutes but ended the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots and left its legacy in the streets of today’s Glasgow.

The Holocaust: Remembering for the Future – how the events of the Holocaust led some people to build a new life in Glasgow.

To Reach

From the Rear Entrance

Unless you need step-free access, the easiest way to reach this gallery is via the Southwest Stairs from the South Foyer. Turn left at the top of these stairs, continue to the wall at the end of the walkway then turn right. Continue (north) and go through the entrance on your left into the gallery.

From the Main Entrance

Whilst you could make your way via the Lower West Stairs to Ground Floor Level, then via the Southwest Stairs to First Floor Level, you may as well use the lift.

Via the Lift

From the Main entrance, continue past Reception, turn right and continue to the wall at the west end of the central space, then move left to locate the West Lift.

Go to First Floor Level, turn right (south) and continue to the top of the Southwest Stairs, in front of you. Turn right and continue to the wall at the end then turn right again. Continue (north) and go through the entrance on your left into the gallery.


This is a large, rectangular space with a small room off the southwest and northwest corners.

South Side

  entrance from Object Cinema
exhibit of Mary Queen of Scots
doorway into room containing the Marianne Grant Holocaust Collection

On the south wall of this room is a small screen controlled by a button, showing various scenes of the Holocaust. There was no audio at the time of our survey.

West Side of Gallery

  Remembering for the Future; information about the Holocaust
glass case, in southwest corner, armour
central display opposite this, weapons and armour
jutting east, display of armour, including horse armour
Japanese armour
Souvenirs of War, Indian Mutiny onwards

North Side

  doorway to room - The story of James Keith Gorrie

The story of James Keith Gorrie

This is the small room off the northwest corner of the main gallery.

West Wall
North Wall
  The story of James Keith Gorrie
East Wall
South Side

Continuing North Wall of Gallery

  Boer War
screen showing Scottish soldiers after the battle of Omdurman
Doorway to History Discovery Centre

East Side

  Battle of Omdurman
glass case with armour' Hard Shells, in centre
Second Afghan War
Kumasi, Ghana, second Ashanti or Asante War
opposite this, glass case, Protection for the Eyes
Marshal Artists, south of this
entrance from main walkway
Chinese uniform
memorial stone, marking the Battle of Langside
opposite this, display of swords
time capsule from 1887, Battle of Langside Memorial
Mary Queen of Scots
blank door

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