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Why it Matters that the Dinosaurs and the Dodo Have Gone Forever

Age of Fish – Scotland was a hot desert 380 million years ago, but a huge variety of fish lived in our lochs.

Fossil Reptiles from Elgin – huge reptiles used to live in Elgin, in northeast Scotland – find out more about their fossils, and the geologists who discovered them.

Life at the Time of Dinosaurs – what other animals lived in Scotland when dinosaurs roamed the planet?

Fossils Under Our Feet – many fossils can be found in the rocks around Glasgow – what do they tell us about how Scotland used to be?

Tracks, Trails and Dinosaur Tales – what can we tell from fossilized tracks, trails and dinosaur dinners about animals that lived millions of years ago?

Wildlife in Danger – what animals are now extinct, or about to be, due to loss of habitat, poaching and other causes?

Hunting – challenges our views on why people hunt animals and our attitudes towards animals’ deaths.

Scotland’s Lost Wildlife – many animals and plants that used to live here are now extinct, but some species are being reintroduced.

To Reach

From the Main Entrance

Continue past Reception then turn right, towards the Campbell Hunter Education Wing and turn left, as you reach the gap toward the toilets to your right. This brings you to the foot of the Lower West Stairs. Go up two flights of stairs to Ground Floor Level, the Mini-Museum is in front of you. Turn right, continue into the West Court then move to the left-hand (south) side. Continue (west), through the passage into the south entrance to the gallery.

Via the Lift

Continue, past the gap to the toilets and locate the wall in front of you. Turn left, past the entrance to the Campbell Hunter Education Wing and locate the West Lift to your right. At Ground Floor Level, turn right (180 degrees), continue into the West Court, move to your left and continue (west) through the passage into the south entrance of the gallery.

From the Rear Entrance

Continue into the Main Hall, take the third turning left and continue into the West Court. Move to the left-hand (south side) and continue (west) through the passage into the south entrance of the gallery.


This is a large gallery between Ancient Egypt to the south and The Environment Discovery Centre to the north. The gallery has two entrances, which we'll call the south and north entrances, which lead west from the West Court.

The space contains two rectangles, one, which we'll call the east section, lies across the two entrances, containing displays relating to hunting, whilst the larger rectangle, which we'll call the west section, houses a major central feature and significant displays around the walls.

The East Section

East Side

  north entrance
glass case with old guns, hunting trophies above
south entrance

South Side

  pictures of extinct creatures

West Side

  gap to west section
glass case with saiga
Hippopotamus in glass case
lion in glass case
pillar, with gorilla's head on plate
gap to west section

North Side

  glass case with butterflies
pictures of African tribesmen
turtle shell and animal skins on wall

The West Section

East Side

  southeast corner, lift, not for public use

South Side

  gap to Ancient Egypt
blank wall
fire escape, from the Campbell Hunter Education Wing?

West Side

dinosaur footprint
glass case of fossils
opening to view trails made by creatures
dinosaur's nest with eggs
glass case, of dinosaurs' gastroliths
footprint of Chirotherium, on wall

North Side

  fire escape doors
blank wall
gap to Environment Discovery Centre

East Side

  blank wall
picture of fishing boat, with stuffed cod above
gap to east rectangle
glass cases as per west side of east section
fossils of dinosaur parts
gap to east section
lift, not for public use, already mentioned

The Central Display

We consider this as consisting of two sides, which we'll list anti-clockwise from the southeast corner.

East Side, from the South End
  various fish
fossil reptiles from Elgyn
fossils of dinosaurs
smaller creatures from the time of the dinosaurs
fossil trees etc
Scotland's lost wildlife
ice age victims, reindeer in Glasgow, other animals that have gone
West Side, Going South
  Last of the Great Auk's, with audio-visual
Scotland's wildlife today, reintroducing lost wildlife
windows in to the past - Be a Palaeontologist, totally visual
demonstration of simulated moving fossil fish

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